Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Women and Hot Pants, Who's To Blame?

Desiring. Passionate. fidgety. Aroused. These are things that normal-grown-up-man feel when they see women wearing hot pants. More over, if the woman wearing it is extremely gorgeous. Then again, is it 'normal' to blame for a spike in rape cases onto women wearing tights and revealing outfits?

There has been numerous acts of sexual harassment that occur in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently. Most of it happen in public transport during night. The newest victims was student from university, who got kidnapped when she was going home using public transport. Some of the perpetrators were arrested, while some of them remain unknown. Polices are still working hard to find all remaining criminals, but what surprisingly is a comment from Jakarta's own governor who said that women should give an extra thought to the cloths and accessories they wear to avoid attracting unwanted attention. This is, by far, the most ridiculous comment ever. It is hard to believe that even in the mid 21st century, there are some people that blame women for 'unwanted consequences'. Still that comment was considerably 'soft' compared to statement from West Aceh regent who made national headlines for suggesting that it was all right to rape a woman who whore tight pants. What is wrong with our government officials? Why blaming their own people for a crime that happen to them?

Numerous response comes and divided people arguments. One is agreed with these two government officials and blame women for all sexual harassment that happen. They believe that if women dress properly in public location none of these 'situations' will happen. They also added that dressing properly is shown as 'east' tradition (which is based where Indonesia is) where tights and hot pants are 'west' culture, therefore it is not suitable for Indonesian people. Come on people wake up your mind! We are not living in 18th centuries where knights are fighting for glories, dungeon and dragon or whatever it is. In the world where information are spread around like air that we breathe, we need to think, say and act more wisely. Behave accordingly and more appropriate in 'hot' situation like this. An old saying 'cat will eat fish' is an old saying. it is. therefor it is not irrelevant to be used anymore. Try to use that simple thing called imagination when you see a good looking girl wearing mini skirts in front of you. She could be someone sister. Do you want your sister to get raped? No. Then don't rape (if your answer is yes there is positively something wrong with your brain or you both just don't get along that well). Now imagine if that thing happen to someone you know. Someone you love? someone you cared about? If you get this idea, people will think twice if they want to rape someone.

It is true that wearing sexy outfits can drove sexual harassment. Even so, it is just one from many other reasons such as pornography, unstable security, weak law and punishment and many more reasons that need to be regulated so the criminals will think twice or more if they want to harass someone. Lust is one of human nature. The one that we can control if we really want to. The question now, can we as a man willing to do it? To control and behave our nature against hot-delicious-tempting-fish a.k.a women in tights and hot pants? Or we just do what our nature told us and behave like a wild animals then blame women for what happen? The answer is rely within you my friend. Dig out your heart and hear what it says.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Univer-shit-y Challenge

I used to think when I stepped my foot into this land that everything gonna be all right.
Modern city with all the elegancy, numerous high-tech facilities, even high class social life.
It's like in dream. All the things that you can imagine it's here.
I call it an "adventure"

Well I blame it all to hollywood movies. They make it so easy in the movie. Like anything can happened so easily in the end of the movie. Even in all crappy magz and commercials. All the rich guy with good looking face holding arm with a sexy-hot-skinny ass-big boop-model. That just made an image in my mind. An image that said if you are rich then you can do anything. You can buy happiness if you are rich. Now the question is "How to get rich?". Of course this silly question will lead to numerous answers if you ask different people, but I dare to bet my left ear and ball that most of the answer you got is this "Go to university, get a degree and find a job".

I was raised in a country that believe education is important to got a job. I agree with education is important, but I disagree if the reason is to got a job. Many people get lost in this situation. They don't know what to do after high school. Office won't hire you if you don't have bachelor degree. So the most reasonable act is to get a degree, even if you are not sure what course do you wanna take. They spend most time in uni wasting time and by the time they graduate and got their degree they don't know what to do next. They don't have skill to work. All they know is just bullshit theory that different in real life situation. In the end, there are so many graduates that got no job and they become unemployed.

This is the mistakes that everybody always do. University is not a VIP ticket to got a job. Keep that in mind. You can't assume that if you have a degree that means you can easily work in office, earn some cash and fucking out with all your money.
Let me make an example. Let just say one university got around 1000 students with different courses. If they are graduates in the same time that means there are gonna be 1000 new unemployed that seeks to be employed. Meanwhile the office that provides job is not as much as the demand for job. So in this case only half of them will be employed. The other half will be unemployed and find difficulties to continue living on.
That's the reality.
Not just a fantasy.

Now the question is "Do we still need to go to University?"
If you ask me I will answer "Yes we do"
Of course there are lots of benefit things from University.
But not to got a job.
I don't believe it's gonna make me smarter than someone who doesn't go to university.
And I will not do it as a VIP access to work with Donald Triumph to become a millionaire so I can fuck celebrity.
No, not for all those reasons.

Today I've just got a new lesson.
I just realize that university is not the answer to find a job. University is just a place to find experiences, friends, degrees and prestige for sure. Knowledge? I consider it as a bonus if I got it from here.

Like an old wisdom word said "Experience is a great teacher, experience is expensive", let just say that all my "adventures" here is experience and they are equal to all the tuition fees that my parent pay for me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ch ch ch ch check It Out

I form a new band called 'Hannibal and The Mechanic'
Feel free go to this web

Don't forget to click 'become a fan' if you like it.. Cheers!
Here's a video live from Wapres Bulungan, Jakarta, Indonesia

There's Something About Us

There's something about us that I can't forget
But why I can't never let it go
A kiss that so sweet
How could it be?

With all the lie that you said
I don't even know what's coming
What can I do to eliminate this feeling?

No.. I don't want this feeling go away
Cause there will always something about us that would never change

Friday, October 29, 2010

Live at Stanford Hotel Brisbane

Last Sunday is Asian uni games gala dinner in Brisbane. It's kinda looks like an event to honor the friendships between Asian student in Brisbane such as Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and of course Indonesia (no not china, I don't think they are Asian. In fact I don't even think they are humans lol). The event is held in Stanford hotel Brisbane, near Botanical Garden (check google map for detail you nerd-internet-freak)

Anyway, I've got a chance to play there as performer. I feel so excited cause it's been awhile since the last time I played on stage in front of people. Besides, it is in expensive hotel and for gala dinner also. So the pressure and excitement kinda mixed up here (fortunately I've got my lucky joint to help me relax but that's for another story :P )

The funny thing is, I'm the only Indonesian in my band. Yep, my band is like a merged between Asian people (my other bandmates are from Brunei and Singapore). This is what makes it interesting. I never play with people from different country before. It's kinda weird because I have to speak english for every interaction and I know my english is kinda suck hahaha. But hey you know what they say, "music speaks all the language" so even though we kinda hard to express what we want to each other but in the end our music speaks for itself (another justification from the bad-english-speaker).

Well yeah it is been a good memory for me playing in that stage. Everything work so well and I couldn't be happier. I mean it was perfect. The amp, the sound, the stage and especially the crowds that keeps cheering us before, while and after playing hehehe, it was flawless.

What a night to remember. My deepest thanks to my friend, Isyarah Fikri Osman, for asking me play together with him on stage. It was such an honored bro. Let's rock another stage next time.

here are the song lists and some snapshots. Cheers!

1. Sunday Morning by Maroon Five
2. Are You In by Incubus

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Germany for World Cup Champion 2010

Seems like World Cup 2010 has become the proof how strong the Germany is..
After the glorious 4-1 victory over England, German continuous their reign to top World Cup tournament with beating Argentina four goals to nothing..
I am myself not a big fans of German, but see the way they play yesterday I can't believe how amazed I am with The German team..

With a simple one-two pass, high determination, and willing to win the game, they demonstrate a beautiful soccer play..
What impressed me more is that most of the players are still the same age as me (even younger!!) and they are all 'a non-star-players' on their club..
Like Ozil and Muller for example. Both are only 20 years old, but they already play in World Cup stage!!
Shit!! how jealous I am with German players..

Although it's quite hard for them to make it to crown champion (they have to beat Spain first and optimum chance Netherland in the final), I'm sure there's no reason to doubt they can make it to the top.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks For Everything, Farewell and Rest In Peace

Today the sky turn dark and the clouds cover the sun.. Ones of my biggest nightmare just become reality..
I always afraid that it is about the time that everyone will go away for their own..
They just packing up, took the bus, and leave..
Gone to the place that I couldn't reach no matter hard I tried..
All I can se is just their silhouette for the last moment I saw them..
Fading away as they are far away from me..
Nothing left.. Just a point blank
Leaving me alone..
Stood by for my own..
Waiting.. Waiting.. Waiting..
.... and keep on waiting 'till my time is up..

I always hate waiting..
Waiting keep me bored..
The problem of waiting is you just don't know what to do while your waiting..
You don't know either how long does it take to wait for your turn..
Most of people suggest to waste it with doing something.. Something that can keep their mind out..
Something that they like.. Cause they all hate waiting..
Nobody likes to wait.. It's just boring like shit..
Fuck I hate waiting..

Whether you like it or not, you can't avoid it..
You have to wait for your turn..
Don't ask why.. Don't even ask when..
You just know when your time is up..
Because it is not when or how long is your turn..
But whether you are ready or not when your time is come..
That's the important thing..
So better wasting your time for something good and useful while your wait..
Cause you'll never know..
Yeah I said it, you'll never know mate..

Farewell Grandma.. I'm sorry I'm not the better person for you..
I may not be the best grandchild you ever had................
I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I do..
Like you never doubt and always believe me when everyone else not..
Thanks for everything..
I will never forget you..
May your soul rest in peace in the almighty heaven for the rest of eternity..